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Beach Bling™

Beach Bling™ by BW Rings

Toe Rings, Thumb Rings, Ankle Bracelets, Belly-Button Rings and Body Jewelry are the current rage, so Brian is adding to his collection.

TOE RINGS & THUMB RINGS: All of our toe rings are custom fitted (to prevent loss) and are available in a variety of precious metal designs with and without: Diamonds, gemstones, lettering and engraved patterns. We also have sizing samples that we can send to you to guarantee a perfect fit.

ANKLE BRACELETS: Our ankle bracelets are also custom fitted and offered in a variety styles and decorative safety-clasp options. Our pearl and beaded designs are strung securely with the strongest water- resistant cords available.

BELLY RINGS & BODY JEWELRY: We do not do the piercing, but we DO offer some very creative designs in white and yellow gold.

“I made my first custom-fitted belly-button ring over 25 years ago. It was 14K yellow gold with a bezel-set shield-shaped green tourmaline in the center. The client wanted it permanently attached so I had to invent a clasp that could be crimped on so it would never come off. To this day, she still has it on!” -Brian Walters

BUFF-LETS™: With all of the people that are working-out nowadays (and wanting to show off their “buff” arms), Brian predicts that sterling silver and gold armband jewelry will be the next “big thing.” Brian is creating several designs for his up-coming e-catalog, and his Buff- lets™ can also be custom made to order. So let your imagination run and send Brian an email with your thoughts for a free estimate.

MODELS WANTED: We are currently looking for a foot model to have some of our new designs photographed. If you choose, you can be paid in Beach Bling™!